Bennington Project Independence

Bennington, Vermont

The team worked closely with the BPI staff and board members to understand the profile of their current and projected program participants, and to thereafter, assess BPI’s near term and long-term facility needs.  The team completed a series of analyses that identified important program elements, expressed those elements in terms of physical space requirements, and identified the relationship between, as well as the priorities among those facility requirements.  To establish the baseline parameters for the redevelopment of the property, the team reviewed the completed building assessment and historic resource reports, conducted its investigation of the condition of the existing buildings, developed CAD drawings, and reviewed the state and local land use permit requirements for the project, as well as identified any potential concerns that may rise during permitting.  Along with that, based on the proposed program, the conceptual site, building plans, and the construction cost estimate, Centerline prepared a detailed development budget, researched an array of potential financing sources, and identified the applicability and implications for each such financing source.  Centerline also developed conceptual designs based on the findings.