Saint Anthony Hall, Williams College (Designed by McKim, Mead and White)

Williamstown, Massachusetts

St. Anthony Hall is an iconic building sited in one of Williamstown’s most visible locations at the corner of Main Street and South Street. It is an important historic building designed by McKim, Mead and White. It currently houses the Center for Development Economics (CDE) for Williams College.

Centerline Architects was appointed to conduct a Space Utilization Study and to evaluate a Facilities Conditions Assessment of the building. Key components to the Space Utilization Study included: Identification of the CDE programmatic requirements for the buildings function and use, the identification of deficiencies affecting the current use of the building, developing alternative schemes to consolidate residential life to a single building and reviewing cost implications of updating, modernizing and/or expanding the building. 

The Facility Conditions Assessment consisted of identifying and analyzing the current conditions of the building and its support systems. It also included the development of a scope of work to be performed to bring the building to a base level of performance for the existing program. Upon completion of the study, the college was able to immediately begin fundraising and is now planning the renovation and addition.