Peterborough Library

Peterborough, New Hampshire

The Peterborough Town Library, established in 1833, is the oldest publicly funded library in the nation.  As such, the library was at the forefront of community involvement and innovation upon its inception.  In this digital age, the town library must continue to evolve as an innovative community gathering place and information sharing center. 

Centerline Architects was charged with determining the feasibility of removing the two additions to the original 1892 library building, and constructing a new addition.  Working with a committee composed of 1833 Society members, library board and staff members, and residents of Peterborough, a program for the building was established.  

Based on this program, Centerline Architects began by creating a series of conceptual designs that explored site organization strategies, building massing, and internal program arrangement.  Through a collaborative process, the team ultimately developed an approach which best reflects how the staff and community will use the library now and in the future.