Bennington, Vermont

Cora B. Whitney was an abandoned neighborhood grade school which was renovated and adapted for use as an assisted living facility in 1998.  The design effort was to blend new construction with the historic building such that it was clearly modern but compatible with the historic building.  A great effort was made to create human scaled community spaces on the interior that serve as informal activity spaces.  All spaces and building components were designed to de-emphasize the required special needs equipment of the facility.


The project was held to a strict timeline due to the number of outside funding sources and maintained a low change order percentage of the overall project.  It required designation as a historic structure on the National Register.  We worked with the State and Federal divisions of Historic Preservation to meet their guidelines for Historic Preservation Tax Credits and we assembled the three-part application for the Owner.  The particular challenge presented by this building was accommodating accessibility within the historic building; this necessitated a five-stop elevator with front and rear exit.