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Campus-Wide Accessibility Study, Williams College

Williamstown, Massachusetts

The project began with a 521 CMR Architectural Access Board Rules and Regulations code review to identify accessibility requirements for college dormitories.  Once criteria were developed, each building was surveyed to note deficiencies and the potential for renovation.  Dormitories were categorized by class year, typology, location, etc.  After compiling the data for each building in a report, we worked closely with Williams College to define their goals for accessible housing.  An "Accessible Housing Plan" was developed outlining the current accessibility of each building, planned extent of renovation for each building, and a timeline to accomplish the goals set forth.  The project culminated in a Memorandum of Understanding with the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board.  This document will assist Williams College in planning future renovations and applying for variances because the College and MAAB have agreed on a plan for the student housing as a whole.

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