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Analee Patel

Ms. Patel is an Intern Architect at Centerline Architects. She is originally from India, where she earned a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Mumbai. She came to the United States to pursue her architectural dream and escape the hot climate. Ms. Patel continued her education at Syracuse University where she earned a Master of Science in Architecture. Following her graduation, Ms. Patel moved to Vermont and joined our team at Centerline Architects.


At Centerline, Ms. Patel has successfully worked on a campus-wide accessibility study at Williams College. She’s also working on various residential and commercial projects. She continues to expand her knowledge of architecture including state and federal building codes, space planning, FF&E selection, and project coordination.


Ms. Patel is interested in the human experience and the way it is impacted by building design. Symmetry, connectivity, openness all contribute to mood, level of comfort, and interactions with the surroundings. Additionally, Ms. Patel believes in an integrated design process in which the client’s perspective is understood and implemented throughout the design and building phases.

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