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Private Residence

Salem, New York

Private Residence Award

This upstate New York series of barns was a cover feature of the New Yorker magazine over 25 years ago. The owner wanted to preserve the original scale and character from the road view while refocusing living areas to take advantage of expanded views to the south and west.  

With the Owners primary home on Manhattans’ west side, the renovations were intended to offer all of the amenities one might want in a weekend/holiday house but with a guiding principal to create a home that was comfortable and not in any way pretentious.  You wont find designer appliances –“high quality fully functional, but not tied to the ‘wow’ aesthetic”.  Natural materials abound and all were chosen as a background for comfortable living and not as a focus of design. The flow of spaces revolved around the Owners connection to nature and the 20 acre pond to the southwest.

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