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“Centerline has a really broad range of experience and has done everything from public housing projects to custom homes to work at Bennington College. They know how to create facilities for groups and they have a real talent for working with lean budgets while producing long lasting, creative and memorable spaces. They are the right size organization for our projects - we are getting the full attention of the principals yet they have significant production capacity when that time comes.” - Stephen K. Hart, AIA, Board of Trustees for Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA & Founder of Hart Associates Architects

Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA - New Dining Hall

Becket, Massachusetts

Centerline was enlisted to design The New Dining Hall at Camp Becket to replace the existing dining hall. Due to the exceeding growth of the camp, the need for more space became very evident through a master planning study of the camp. Significant components to this design include site accessibility, accommodation to support the growing capacity of the camp and for the design to reflect the values and identity of the camp.

Construction has begun on the new dining hall. It will seat about 500 people and uses steel and heavy timber framing. The building will be on a former sports field, to minimize disruption to existing forests.

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