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Bennington Project Independence

Bennington, Vermont

After completing the BPI Study, Centerline was kept on to complete the actual design for a new BPI facility.  We worked with VTrans and the VT Division for Historic Preservation (DHP) on the rehabilitation and renovation of an historic farmhouse and barn to hold BPI’s Adult Day Services program. The barn has been identified by DHP as one of, if not, the oldest standing barn in the State of Vermont, dating back to 1785. Due to the highly historic significance of this property, we are working closely with VTrans and DHP as well as our historic preservation consultant, Paula Sagerman, to ensure adherence to the historic preservation guidelines of the Secretary of the Interior. The significant challenge with this building is that the barn must be moved to a new location and the Secretary of the Interior standards is very narrowly defined in this regard. 

The site was also of particular interest as the Bennington Battle Monument and Mount Anthony sit in the backdrop of the property and there are beautiful views into the valley of the town.  The original pear and apple orchards were restored and a historic marker with a scenic pull-off for travelers was created to experience the beauty and history of Vermont.

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