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Saint Anthony Hall, Williams College (Designed by McKim, Mead and White)

Williamstown, Massachusetts

Saint Anthony Hall was designed by the prestigious firm McKim, Mead and constructed from 1884-1886.  Various additions, renovations, and changes of use over the years resulted in a building with confusing circulation and code compliance issues.  A Williams College graduate program, the Center for Development Economics has been using the structure as a residence hall, community space, dining hall, classroom, and administrative space for many years.  Centerline Architects completed a Facility Conditions Assessment and Space Utilization Study in 2014 which advised relocating the residence hall to a separate building and enhancing the other functions within the existing structure. 


The renovation project focused on a balance between careful preservation and functional renovation.  The detailed woodwork in historic spaces has been preserved and these spaces house the main social functions of the building.  A completely new commercial kitchen modernized the dining hall function.  New classrooms, study rooms, and offices support the educational goals of the program.  Finally, a new fully accessible circulation core addresses the new residence hall to the south, ties together the seven public levels, and simplifies the circulation path throughout the building. The renovation drastically improves energy efficiency and earned LEED Gold certification.

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