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Private Residence

Rhinebeck, New York

Built in 1915, this colonial home in Rhinebeck has strong characteristics of an Arts& Crafts aesthetic. Centerline was asked by the owner to evaluate and redesign the current spatial configuration and flow between adjacent rooms. Safety issues were a primary concern with the new design of the home including radon, lead paint and asbestos. 

Centerline provided the Owner with improvements to the home including modifying and upgrading the bathrooms, increasing the homes energy saving potential by increasing insulation and air tightness of the home as well as swapping the current spaces designated as the dining room and living room. The latter, combined with the removal of a butler pantry and renovation of the kitchen enabled a dramatically more proficient and aesthetically pleasing procession between the spaces. Other areas of focus that were incorporated into the new design of the home were: improvements to lighting, interior & exterior finishes, installing new mechanical equipment, a new and more efficient entrance into the home and various kitchen upgrades of countertops, cabinetry, appliances and hardware. 

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