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"This group of Architects is nimble, creative, thoughtful, price-conscious, and able to execute timely and within budget...details are noticed and addressed and they find solutions to the inevitable problems that come up in construction. In other words, this group of Architects are able to problem solve quickly and well, a critical skill." - Karen Gross, Former President, Southern Vermont College

Hunter Hall Dormitory & Greenberg Atrium, Southern Vermont College

Bennington, Vermont

Hunter Hall is the first building implemented from the Southern Vermont College campus master plan.  The residence hall was conceived as a multi-disciplined building and houses 115 students, two science laboratories, health services and several large gathering spaces.  This building is the physical embodiment of the college’s educational objectives and philosophies which focus on experiential learning in places of living and play in addition to the classroom.  The design incorporated a large lobby which provides ample room for speakers and seminars in an effort to bring the classroom to the students.

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