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Stockbridge Library
Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Stockbridge Library was founded in 1862 and is one of the earliest libraries in western Massachusetts. The Library was funded by Nathan Jackson and Stockbridge citizens which included four hundred people donating books. The library opened with three thousand books on its shelves and was one of five libraries that was built during the Civil War. Through the years the building has undergone many changes to accommodate the needs of the town including the addition of a museum for members of the community and beyond to view, analyze and appreciate the rich history of the library. Most recently, Centerline was selected to address a number of organizational problems in their day to day operations along with  code deficiencies. 

First we completed a master plan that included preliminary design concepts to address the issues.  The final solution involved creating an addition that housed a secure lobby to allow after hour use as well as independent use of the museum located on the lower level.  The upgrades included improved lighting and signage, accessibility upgrades, elevator access, handicap accessible restrooms, exit stair upgrades and resolution of unenclosed vertical openings.

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