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Visual & Performing Arts Center (VAPA), Bennington College

Bennington, Vermont

The Visual and Performing Arts Center (VAPA) building at Bennington College houses studios, classrooms, galleries, theaters, darkrooms and offices for the arts programs. Over the years Centerline has worked on multiple projects throughout the building. A partial listing of VAPA projects completed by our firm includes the following:

FACILITY STUDY - The facility study focused on the reorganization of spaces to create better work environments, increase social interactions, develop specialized areas, and enhance the open studio environment.  A variety of organizational program layouts with minimal changes to the existing building were presented at the end of this project.  The study also included enrollment trends and space utilization percentages.  

ENERGY ANALYSIS & MECHANICAL SYSTEM UPGRADES - The energy analysis, completed in 2009, evaluated the existing conditions of the various building components and provided solutions that reduce energy consumption, increase occupant comfort, improve indoor air quality, lighting, and guidance for phased repair of the buildings deficiencies.  This study provided the college with a plan to significantly reduce the energy consumption of the building and increase occupant comfort. 

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