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Private Residence (Bog Chapel)

Promfret, Vermont

Honorable Mention Award

Working with a limited budget, the “barn” was sited on the least invasive portion of the property in a low lying area that provides sunlight and great views of the forest as well as the surrounding farmland. The Owner found no need to follow the designer image of the moment springing up on the surrounding hillsides. The metal utility building was suggestive of the surrounding agricultural environment.  The nondescript and monochromatic exterior provides no hint of the sensations that await the visitor once inside. 


“Bog Chapel” uses very simple materials and construction techniques.  A stained concrete floor with integrated radiant heat is accentuated with brightly colored interiors juxtaposed with her collection of eclectic artwork and furnishings.  The “metal shed” is a fine example of the creative possibilities for homes that are unique, affordable, relate to the site, and in keeping with the surrounding vernacular. 

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